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Memories of Spain

Strike a pose

In 1996 during my final year of college, I received a scholarship to study abroad in Spain for six months.

I had never been out of the United States, and was eager to explore the world.

Three of my good friends also signed up for the journey. We were based in Madrid, but had the opportunity to visit cities like Granada, in the south, and Asturias and Barcelona in the north.

Up until that time, I relied on my mother to capture events like family vacations, graduations and birthdays, with photos. Though, it was now up to me to create a visual remembrance of my first time in another country.

There was an abundance of sites to photograph; I came home with over 100 photos.

Recently, my girlfriends and I became nostalgic after watching Spain win the 2010 World Cup, and reminisced of our adventures together.

It prompted me to take a look at my photos again. Here are some of my favorites.

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