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dig down deep

it was the end of a feeling
689 feet below sea level
you can't be scared you just have to keep walking
my mother warned me about a lot of things/i was not a good listener
god the gardener cut it down
dig down deep
hold me in your arms
the merger
things left  behind
in the end the flower was deemed a weed

we spent some time photographing and exploring minnesota's iron range recently, including a visit to a mine that involved a ride in a tiny car surrounded by bats to a location more than a half mile deep within the earth. we found the iron range to be somewhat depressed economically, but, relatively empty of people and activity save for evidence of hunters and "lodge types." the unpunctuated nature was somewhat overwhelming at times; the cure being unauthorized trips off the beaten path down barely-there roads. we found flowering weeds in abundance, beautiful and dangerous abandon, and several dairy queens. we also found hands down the best pie in minnesota, possibly the midwest. and for the sake of your weight, i'm not telling you where it was. enjoy.

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