Photo Essay

Young, future rag pickers

You, are responsible for this

Jignesh and Vishwajith as the rag pickers at ZEST Puducherry, India

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Tell a friend about this story!

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2 responses

  • Brian Ach

    Brian Ach said (11 Aug 2010):

    There are nice colors here and the boys are cute, but when you do a photo essay, you want to show many different views. Here we basically have the same picture 10 times. It gets old. Sure, their expressions might be slightly different, but it is the same picture. Instead, why not try a close shot, one from far away,in a different location etc. so that the reader of the essay does not get bored. You have to keep us interested.

  • vinod velayudhan

    vinod velayudhan said (11 Aug 2010):

    Thanks Brian,

    I never had an intention for a story, I was taking multiple pictures of boys, wanted the best expression from boys, after transferring photos to computer. I thought there is a story which I could share.

    Certainly your ideas are appreciated, I would do that next time.

    Thanks a ton for comments.

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