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What's your profession? Please describe it.

My profession is Acting and Modeling, acting is being a different person on stage or Television/films/ Etc. and Modeling is more about fashion and work for different companys and getting into agencys.

Where do you do this?

I do this in New York, Long Island.

Do you enjoy what you do?

Yes! i love what i do especially when your a young child and you say to your parents " oh i want to be on stage i wanna be in photos and see my face in a magazine or stores! " you know thats how i was when i was younger and until this day im doing what i love to do the most.

When you were young, what did you want to "be" when you grew up?

When i was younger i did want to be a teacher, but that was at 5 yrs old, but as i got older i grew up watching disney channel and movies, which is why i told my parents i wanted to be in movies.

Do you feel stuck doing what you are doing?

i definetly dont feel stuck doing what i do because im basically free the most time until my agent who books me jobs call me in and say " oh you have an audition tomorrow! can you make it?" and im like " oh okay sure thanks!".

What are the most and least satisfying parts of your job?

The Most satisfying i guess would be having fun during a photo shoot and picking the roles you want to play in acting audition, and basically having fun!. The Least satisfying would be getting to the audition, and running around the city, cause when you have an audition they expect you to be on time, and thats what i do. :]

How do you combine photography with your job?

photography is everywhere in my job i have my mom taking pictures of me when im in hair and make-up, also when im not working i take my camera everywhere, i take pictures in the park/beach/etc. i love taking pictures.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I will keep persuing my dream and i would like to tell others never to give up on there dream, because i didnt and thats why im hear today doing what i love. Believe in your self.

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