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Still life: Color it red

Fruity Red4

Still life is an interesting technique in taking pictures of objects. It is a way of arranging and composing the subject with the help of lighting and the background. I normally use the natural lighting (coming from the sun) or sometimes coming from a light fixture (lamp shade) to get a dramatic effect and to highlight the composition of the subject. There are several ways to illustrate the technique through the design elements of the subject, and one of them is to emphasize the subject color.

I chose RED in my first series of still life. Why? We all know that red has a strong connection in our daily lives: from the 'switch on' indicator of home appliances to the 'stop' traffic light sign along busy roads. Aside from being a primary color, red is used to symbolise something important in science (nature), sports, food, political events, and to express our emotions.

For instance, red is associated with blood, fire, sun and sunset or the color of planet, Mars. It also describes our emotions, feelings and conditions: anger, sin, pain, guilt, and passion; or symbolizes courage, bravery and sacrifice. It is also symbolizes love as the main color on Valentine's Day or even during Christmas season as to express a joyful celebration. Red is also associated with flowers like roses and poppies, or fruits like strawberry and apples and vegetables like bell peppers, chilies, and tomatoes.

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  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (8 Sep 2010):

    Wonderful photo essay, Rey!

  • Claire Crocker

    Claire Crocker gave props (9 Sep 2010):

    Great idea and love your shadowed shots!

  • Joy B

    Joy B gave props (22 Dec 2010):

    This is just so well done!

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