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Sony built-in retouch features with a music

Sony Cybershot DSC-W130
Partial color effect_Queen's University
Retro effect_Palm House
Radial blur effect_urban park
Fish eye lens_urban park
Fish eye lens_pool
Partial color effect_Pool
Cross Filter_pool
Fish eye lens_Olympus underwater

When I purchased a SONY VAIO notebook (the smallest unit) in July 2006, I decided to buy a Sony digital camera as my primary companion gadget, aside from my Olympus compact units. Because of compatibility, my notebook can easily upload my photos directly from the camera without any special connections. The notebook has slots dedicated to memory card adaptors for some selected memory sticks and one of them is for Sony DSC-W130.

The DSC-W130 is my second model from Sony. I already reviewed here about my first model, DSC-W55 (Paparazzi with Sony) and there are major differences about these two models in terms of functionalities to improve the quality of the images especially after the shoot was done. In other words, W130 provides additional features to "retouch" the photos without using any photoshop softwares. It was a blessing in disguise to purchase another unit because the old model, W55's screen was broken and when I visited an electronic store, W130 was on sale at a discounted price! Why? It is because the model unit was used for display purposes and the battery is missing! I did not think twice to buy it when I found out that the battery of my old unit is the same model with the new one. The W55 is still working even if the screen or LCD monitor is broken by using the "viewfinder" feature, however I could not perform the preview option to check if the photos are alright, unless I will upload them immediately to my notebook.

Even without the operational manual, I tried to explore its external controls, including the face detection, smiles shutter and other automatic presets buttons (easy shooting, ISO high sensitivity, soft snap, landscape, twilight portrait, beach scene, movie mode, program auto, and auto adjustments). Aside from these standard functions, W130 has a special built-in "retouch" features to provide minor alterations of the photos taken, and a slideshow or viewing presentation with a range of music and effect selections.

W130 is capable to alter or retouch the images without using any softwares and external connections. This built-in retouch features allow users to manipulate and play with the appearance of the image. Briefly, these features are as follows:

(a) Partial color - it surrounds a chosen point in monochrome

(b) Retro - it blurs and dims the periphery for a nostalgic effect

(c) Radial Blur - it applies radial blur around a chosen point on the image

(d) Fisheye Lens - it applies a fisheye effect around the choosen point on the image

(e) Cross filter - it adds a starburst effect to bright points in the image

It is also interesting to find out that the camera can preview the images using its slideshow feature. This control allows users to watch in an automatic sequence ( with special effect) of the images from its 2.5 LCD monitor with a music in the background.

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