The Project

The Berlin Diary

things are starting to become clearer
distorted perception
they say it never sleeps
the brightest star
this one is for you my sister
so many thoughts in my head
I remembered something important last night
If life wasn't challenging, it would be boring
i woke up with a smile today
It doesn't feel like I've existed in the past week
an ode to rosenthaler straße

After nearly 24 years of living abroad, I finally have returned home to my birthplace: Berlin.

But when I first arrived here, I couldn't help it but feeling like a stranger. The feeling of being a stranger has always accompanied me throughout my life, as I have been moving around a lot and never settled anywhere for too long.

As I only have lived here for the first two years of my life, but grew up elsewhere in Germany, I never really felt that I am from one place or another and so the question of 'where are you from' has always been hard to answer for me.

To engage with this city, I started to photograph it. Well, as you can see it's only pictures about the fernsehturm, berlin's biggest landmark. Whenever I've been to Berlin prior to living here, I knew that I had reached my goal when I saw the fernsehturm, so therefore only pictures of this one

The pictures are mainly about how I felt on the day of taking the picture. When I first started this project, I didn't think something would come out of it, but I think I was wrong...

This is not a 'one picutre a day' project but will be frequently updated until I have the feeling that it's time for a new project

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