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Inside Louvre...exploring the treasures of Louvre Museum Part 2

Inside Louvre_14

I took a thousand of images during my visit to Louvre. Six hours inside the museum could be my longest exploration in a public building but it was a rewarding experience.

Surprisingly, I was disappointed to meet Monalisa in person! Despite her popularity and numerous publicities, I could not control myself to feel sad because I did not see what I was expecting about her enigmatic smile. If I'm one of those portraits (get alive) in the gallery where she is displayed, I will organize a barricade preventing people to view her! It is not worth to spend too much time with her...Believe me, there are other things inside the museum that are more fascinating than her. Unfortunately, I could not even get a good angle of Monalisa because of too much people staring at her and the presence of the guards who constantly monitoring our movement not to cross the rope surrounding her portrait.

On the other hand, indeed I had a wonderful time to explore thousands of these artworks that provided me a glimpse of the past civilization. Louvre Museum is a place in Paris, France not to be missed while visiting Europe.

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