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Children & Earthquake
Children & Earthquake 2
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Nobody does not like earthquakes. When an earthquake occurs, only Janet Myjngy to defend me. Should be the ones to watch, not accidentally fall for them, not anyone of them remain under the debris, not to lose one of your beloved ones debt.

Earthquake last month in the village "Kvhzr" Damghan city of Semnan province occurred functions that also impact the earthquake struck Tehran. Hmanshb on news websites I read that this village has been destroyed and several lives were also lost in the earthquake.

When I went to the village to prepare the report, like all villages Zlzlhzdhay that had seen the news reports. Some were in mourning loved ones, some kept this way and it went by so quickly they can receive humanitarian aid organizations. Others were too busy praying to God that are still alive, would thank.

But what attracted my attention, he had children of this village. They closed the earthquake Mdarsshan had were still full of life. News from the face of depressed fathers and mothers could be seen, either. Most hours of the day they were together and were playing. As if never there, Nyamdhast earthquake.

Feared, but still alive

AJ is Nhsalh. Father and uncle said the night of earthquake rubble, and cousin have gone. Fortunately, every S·htay they have saved. Says: "I was so scared. Still scared. Still, I do not dare go to sleep at night at home. Of course, nothing is left of the house, but glad that school is closed and we play with the kids every day. Am still alive. Thank God "

Says this and runs back to collect friends.

Children now live sound

Ahmed earthquake that severely damaged his hand in Dydhast, says: "The quake was terrible happened to us all. All going to school is broken. My wife and I had no sleep at night over his head, sit up to sleep take. But we hear only happy to play Bchhhast. Bazyshan voice of the morning wake up, like give a damn comfortable. I believe the voice is still alive. "

The streets of this village that now has more ruins, walk. Rural children also filled Zndgyand. Child bike passes me by. Ntrftr some little child, and child Uncle Znjyrbaf play with her little hands, DbÛ• water fills up to bring his mother to his little sister to prepare food. Here in the village Kvhzr, although the earthquake is provided, but children can smell of life thanks to the individual houses to sniff Khrabsh.

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