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Orchid Mei Backstage

I am a singer and a photographer, sometimes both at once. In my music life, I'm lucky enough to have met and become friends with some of the most interesting people Denver, Colorado has to offer. One of my regular singing gigs is at a cabaret downtown featuring old-school burlesque dancers, vaudevillians, jugglers, magicians, musicians, and other wonderfully bizarre characters. Watching and performing in a show is a lot of fun, but to me, the most fascinating part is watching the transformation of the performers between the front door and the stage. My favorite vantage point is the tiny green room, between the small dressing room and the stage entrance; it's where you can see both sides of the personality, sometimes alternately and sometimes both at once.

These images are more or less snapshots among friends. They show us preparing for performances, blowing off steam, celebrating great routines, and being all kinds of sultry and silly. Consider this project a dysfunctional family photo album.

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