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Ferris Wheel on Chicago's Navy Pier

Ferris Wheel - Navy Pier, Chicago

Ferris Wheel on Chicago's Navy Pier

It was a cold and windy (surprise!) evening but the view on Chicago's skyline from the top of the ferris wheel was gorgeous. I only stayed one day in Chicago and I thought it would be a great occasion to try out a Kodak Brownie Twin 20 found at the flea market. I ordered my films from B&H in New York City as it is the only place I could found 620 roll films (which are 120 films respooled onto 620 spools). If you know any other place where I can get those, please let me know! This picture was taken after the ride using a Black & White film.

Kodak Brownie Twin 20 Facts:

The camera was produced by Kodak from 1959 to 1964. It uses 620 film which gives you 12 square exposures (6x6cm). It owes its name to the 2 viewfinders on the camera; a direct one and one at the top using a 45° mirror. Today, the camera itself worth between $8 and $11.

Navy Pier's Ferris Wheel Facts:

Modeled after the very first Ferris wheel, which was built for Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, the Navy Pier Ferris wheel provides unparalleled views of the Chicago skyline and lakefront. The ride is 7 minutes long and the wheel is 150 foot high. The Pier's Ferris wheel has 40 gondolas, each seating up to 6 passengers. In the evening, the Ferris wheel's 40 spokes, spanning a diameter of 140 feet, are illuminated by thousands of sparkling lights.

Ticket: 6$

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