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Trains of Laramie

Train 7844

I recently moved from Texas to Laramie, Wyoming. I have been taking any opportunity I've gotten to get some good pictures in. Laramie is a wonderfully small college town (home of the University of Wyoming) that has its own little treasures here and there. One of the best treasures, besides the obvious towering mountains, is their train yard.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to go to the train yard and snap a few pictures. IT WAS AMAZING. I was able to stand on a bridge over looking the trains as they pass, and to my fortune, after I climbed the numourous steps up to the top, a train was coming! I stood there anticipating the oncomming train, snapping shots a quick as my little fingers could go. As the train went under me a giant rush of air swept across my entire body and I was thrust back a few inches. The shaking of the platform along with the powerful wind provided by the beast below me made for a euphoric rush. I was "blown away".

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