Photo Essay

Ascending Mount Sinai

Sunrise in Sinai

2 am, all is dark. With my mom and dad we started the ascending. Ibrahim was our guide. He is a Bedouin and speaks only a few words in English. We had some flashlights; it was very hard to see the path. There were a lot of people from different religions: musulmans, catholics and orthodoxs; and from different places of the world. Ascending was very hard, and when we reach the first shelter my mom couldn't continue, she stayed there until the sunrise. We had some water and go on. It's hard to walk and breath, my dad had to stop... Ibrahim papa rest! Those were the words I told Ibrahim to wait for my dad. After 3 hours of walking we reach the top. It was a unique experience; with the first lights we saw the most beautiful view of the mountings. It was cold, but nothing matters. Some people prayed, others sang religious songs, others only watched the sunrise in silence, and others took photos. The effort was worth it, I'll never forget this day and this sunrise. I've been in paradise.

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