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Why do Jews marry Jews?

Chasidic Dancing- Views from Jewish Weddings


Why do Jews marry Jews and why is it that marrying outside of the faith is not Kosher?

We believe that a Jew has a Jewish soul while a non Jew has a non Jewish soul. Each has it's own special spiritual mission in this life.

A Jew can obviously fall in love with a non Jew and vice versa however the other soul is not their true other half, and both are actually engaging someone else's real intended partner and wasting their precious time, and delaying finding the one for them.

A union between a Jew and a non Jew is thus considered to be a tremendous act of separation. In reality the individual is separating from their real other half as well as the non Jew is separating from their real soul mate. In addition the individual involved in this mixed up relationship is separating from G-d's will who intended each human to build a life with their own partner, their own soul, not someone elses ( as is elaborated in the Torah). In short it's just not Kosher!

So when a Jew marries another Jew, the celebration is one of unbridled joy due to the fact that 2 halves of a soul were re united.

Joy is felt in every celebration, however the purpose of rejoicing in a Jewish wedding is focused on the spiritual union of that one soul to actualize its purpose together and bring into the world Jewish children with warmth, guidance and light.

(Children born from a non Jewish mother yet have a Jewish father are NOT considered Jewish, however a child born from a Jewish mother and has a non Jewish dad is 100% Jewish!)

For more about Jewish marriage visit Chabad.Org at this link

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  • Daniel Mueller

    Daniel Mueller said (20 Dec 2010):

    I love seeing weddings from different cultures and your pictures are amazing to show the true essence of a Jewish wedding and of the faith. Thank you for inviting us all into this event. Many blessings to you!!

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