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As a starting point, I'll take the day when one guy (Anatoly), published in Skype-chat offer "To play poker for small bets!"... Twenty minutes later, the topic began to be complemented by suggestions. First it was clarification of what "small amounts of money, the natural question of where all this will be carried out and, finally, how would it all take a photo.

In our team was formed "dead" silence. Everyone thought. While there, I'm lying! Thought not all. Most of all "lit up" the idea Dasha and Roman. A secret to tell you my friends, I've heard (since I sit between them) as they come up with something interesting, including a thematic photo shoot in the style of American gangsters 30 years.

It took quite a bit of time and Roman asked me if we could lift something like a gangster party, and where we could do it! We thought we could in our office in meting room, or pub, or maybe billiards club??.

I made a question, regarding the possibility of my camera is off, the lens is not expensive, and the studio lights do not. And wherever we were allowed, so here's to a photo session, even if it was light. I even went to the "new line" (building store) to buy the projectors, but something changed in my mind. I confess I did not believe in the reality of undertaking. It seemed unreal.

But we took a chance and here is what you see is only a small part of all that had happened.

Excuse me for my really bad English! :)))

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2 responses

  • Daniel Mueller

    Daniel Mueller said (21 Dec 2010):

    Fun pictures and a really interesting themed game time with friends. I love it!!

  • Valentin Grischenko

    Valentin Grischenko said (22 Dec 2010):

    to Daniel Mueller: Thank you very much for comment! I belive you understand my broken English ))))

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