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I love my children. I love that my son Jeffery is so smart. I love that he is so protective of the people he cares about. I love that he has a soft side that he tries so hard to cover up. I love that my daughter Erin is so funny. I love that she doesn't care what people think and is confident enough to walk out the door with no make up and wearing pajamas. I love that she sticks up for people that won't stick up for themselves. I love my tiny Micheal. He is so small but so strong. He has ways much like his older brother. He is so brave and tough. He is so loving. I love my step daughter. She is funny and loving. Beautiful and smart. Her mother has done a wonderful job and the world is going to be a better place for having Taylor in it. I love my future son in law Todd. I love the way he makes my daughter's face light up when he walks in the room. He is a wonderful young man but just knowing that he is the one that my daughter picked to spend her life with is enough for me. I love my adopted daughter Kristen. She was with my youngest son Micheal for years and although they are just friends right now, I love her like my own.

When my youngest was in the hospital and only his girl could bring him comfort, I was asked if that bothered me. It didn't. Children grow up. They find new people to love. They cling to those people. It is the way it is supposed to be. I find comfort that they have people in their lives that love and support them and try to help them be the best people that they can be.

I am so blessed to have all of them.

Of course, I love Geronimo too. He is my baby.

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21 responses

  • Debbie Smartt

    Debbie Smartt gave props (2 Jan 2011):

    I love, love, love your story! You have a wonderful family!

  • Patty Gross

    Patty Gross (Deleted) gave props (2 Jan 2011):

    Your family is such a fantastic gift, Regenia! I see and know those, as I'm sure you do, who are alone in this world without any family. You are so fortunate to have these marvelous adult children (and G) in your life! You have truly been blessed! I enjoyed reading about your family very much....I'm sure I would love them too if I ever met them. :)

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (2 Jan 2011):

    You are such a caring, wonderful mom, Reg! You deserves a wonderful and loving family. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

  • Betty Maxey

    Betty Maxey   gave props (2 Jan 2011):

    A very heartwarming story Reg. Very well written. Your next chapter is going to be the best ever!!!

  • John Tanner

    John Tanner said (2 Jan 2011):

    Great little story Regenia !!!!
    It's a pleasure meeting your family too
    Best wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy new year!!!

  • Roxana Brivent-Barnes

    Roxana Brivent-Barnes said (3 Jan 2011):

    Absolutely wonderful Love story, I wish you always this happiness as you describe it, may all your dreams come true!

  • Andrea Petersen

    Andrea Petersen gave props (4 Jan 2011):

    This is a wonderful photo essay, Regenia...and it sounds like you have a very healthy relationship with your children who no doubt love you as much as you love them.. You can be proud of their accomplishments but then look who raised them...An intelligent lady, you... who is loaded with talents but very modest of all that you have accomplished in your young life..You are an inspiration to us all...You have my vote ...

  • Judy and Wayne Wanamaker

    Judy and Wayne Wanamaker gave props (6 Jan 2011):

    You are very blessed, Regenia, to have these wonderful children to love, and to have them love you. They are blessed as well, to have a mother who treasures them the way you do. A fabulous story, worthy of publication. voted.

  • Iztok Urh

    Iztok Urh gave props (24 Feb 2011):

    nice photos!

  • Linda Houghton

    Linda Houghton gave props (11 Mar 2011):

    What an awesome essay!!! They are so lucky to have you!

  • Rajeev Jadhav

    Rajeev Jadhav gave props (16 Mar 2011):

    Very warm story about next generations !!!!!

  • Mr Mann

    Mr Mann gave props (22 Mar 2011):

    Yep - beautiful :)

  • je suis moi

    je suis moi gave props (1 Apr 2011):

    Well done.....

  • je suis moi

    je suis moi gave props (1 Apr 2011):

    Also voted.

  • Ann Reece

    Ann Reece gave props (7 Jun 2011):

    You have so much love to give to your family, this is a fantastic photo essay : ). Voted!!!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (23 Aug 2011):

    love it!!!

  • John Linton

    John Linton gave props (21 Sep 2011):

    Hell YEAH! Rad!

  • Christopher J Chalk

    Christopher J Chalk gave props (23 Sep 2011):

    This is priceless Regenia! Your caring and kind nature glows in my heart, your family images in this story are a testament to you family, not forgetting our beloved "Geronimo"! I salute you my dear Friend ♥♥♥

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (27 Oct 2011):

    Dear Regenia, thank you for sharing all of your family with us.....they are all very special people in their own right. but they have an excellent role model in you. Beautiful from the heart words.

  • Aloha Buffington

    Aloha Buffington gave props (30 Jan 2012):


  • Ioana Caravan

    Ioana Caravan   gave props (9 Mar 2012):

    You have so much love to give! I’m sure they deserve it! Beautiful kids!

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