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2011: I'm going in!

Geared up for 2011!
Sake and sushi!
Making Sushi

The gear needed for 2011

Some of you (who the hell am I kidding, no one reads this!) who remember my photo about starting up again in 2010 that pictured a D3, a PS3 controller and a host of Molson Ice. Well, the time has come for another year of... err... things. Yes, things and stuff!

This year is no different, however things in my life have become increasingly chaotic. We bought a new house, birthed a new baby (well, I didn't, my wife did, but I was there just as sober as I could muster after a half dozen long islands), I started a new job, working like a dog and writing a book all the process. On top of that, in my free time I've decided to teach myself Japanese and learn to make sushi.

Sushi basics

A good friend of mine taught me the basics of making sushi. He's the proud host of my site, check him out when you get a chance (http://www.comfychairconsulting.com/).

New Years Resolutions are for chumps if you ask me. Why the hell do you need a new year to start something awesome?! Just BE awesome! You don't need some jackwagon like Carson Daily to tell you that it's time to start a new part of your life. Just do. Ignore the other idiots and do what you want. If you want to have a baby, have one. We did and we love him! If you want to learn to hulla-hoop for 10 minutes, practice now! Why wait? Do you need permission to be awesome? Hell no! But, if that's what you need here. Fine.

"I hereby grant thee the power of awesomeness, that was once passed down to me from King Awesome and crowned me Captain Awesome of the Awesome-o ship of the "Killer Times Ahead" boat. It is now bestowed upon thee for times of sweetness and high-fives. Nay, not your head not be noogied and low may your brow never be furrowed in fits of anger. For this the righteous time of wicked fun and self awesometude. Go forth good sirs of Awesomeville, spread the word that you need not wait for the morrow to begin the awesome-explotations that await you! Go! GO I SAY! Awesome times will be had without you!"

This is my awesome Lobster Roll Sushi and Sake my mother-in-law traded me for sushi. It seriously is the best and smoothest stuff I've ever tasted.



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  • Susan Littlefield

    Susan Littlefield gave props (3 Jan 2011):

    You are one funny guy! Admittedly, I don't remember your 2010 starting up photo, but hey, I have a hard time remembering what I ate for breakfast this morning, which is why I always eat Cheerios with blueberries on top. But I digress.....your photos are fabulous, and your story made me LOL. I love that! And I voted. And although I appreciate being bestowed with awesomeness, I'm afraid I'll have to pass----I already am 99% awesome, so I hope you can bestow it on someone else. I'm lacking that other 1% because I don't like Sushi; I'm working on it.

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