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Contrasts - Black and white


In their world, lived separately from white butterfly, the black butterfly. Do not know, had not seen, is not never had reached. White butterfly, the light, waving their wings during the day and very much wanted to know the feeling of night, run in the dark among the flowers, butterflies to get to know the night. But the night was not his white butterfly accessible. Every fall the darkness, he fell asleep as if seized by a chill. Until, with the twilight, icy coldness of the twilight, he found himself surrounded by a handful of comrades of the night. Black butterflies fluttered merrily, surrounding it on the white, puzzled. All were curious to touch him, to lure him into their race at night.

One black butterflies, one who had fixed his eyes from the beginning, it caught the fragile wings, milk and white butterfly and took with him a euphoric journey through the twilight kingdom. White Butterfly is asserted all the wonders of the night, the beauty who had no access and never longed for since the beginning of this world. Black Butterfly, fascinated by the transparency, openness and innocence of white butterfly, introduced a licuricilor world, the stars, moon and stars shine mysterious sky. On the field, had the white butterfly surprise to find that some plants are trezisera to life and is quick to pollinate them. They were the same plants during the day refused to open before him. Black Butterfly had the care to make them acquainted with the night everyone flowers.

White butterfly was wonderful, ecstatic, had never been so filled with emotion of happiness. The two flew with wings clasped. When suddenly showed him a black butterfly fireflies. White approached driven by curiosity and tried to achieve.

But suddenly around him and made peace. Fireflies gone, black butterfly released from his wing and became invisible, moon, stars, plants have awakened to life perished unknown. He tried to shout, to search everywhere, has crossed the plains in the biggest rush, the flowers and asked the other butterflies. But nothing. In vain.

.... Awakened ...

Since then white butterfly lives for the night. His life begins with when dusk falls asleep at night hoping that maybe you will live will follow the same romance and we will reunite.

Since then he has been a year. White butterfly butterfly met no more black.

... The other side of the world in the coming morning, black butterfly sleep thinking about a unique and incomparable meeting that seems to have taken place in his imagination. I wonder will they meet?

But ... really ... have they ever met?

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