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Wedding day and the renewals of our wedding vows

My renewal wedding gown
bouquet 2 again
bouquet 2
maid of honor and bridesmade glasses
best mand and groomsmen glasses
head piece
ring barers pillow
wedding cake topper
wedding cake stairs

Still very much in love. My husband and I thought after eighteen years

we would renew our vows infront of our friends and family. I love him today as I loved him the day I married him 11 years ago August fifth. I met my husband through a really good friend of ours . I said to him who is that guy he is very cute. When he told me who he was and that he was friends with him. I asked him could you please go up to him and ask him if he would date me. Well his responce was very shocking but well I didn't care I wanted to get to know him. So when my friend told me he said yes I went over to him and started to talk to him. It was as if god had brought him to me out of some movie. He worked

for a taxi cab company and was the first guy I have ever been with that

actualy had a job. I got into the cab and went on the job with him. He was very smooth talking guy. We picked up this one fair that was going out of town. I went with him we got onto the highway heading tward the place the two drunk guys in the back seat wanted to go. it was all very funny really. The two guys and my now husband well they payed no mind to the deer that had been standing on the side of the road. I thought to myself this creature is very beautiful. We dropped

the two guys to there destination and went on our way. we got back on the high way and he pulled over and fiddled with the radio. well I could tell he wanted to kiss me because of the way he put his arm around me to fiddle with the radio. Well I told him its ok you can kiss me I don't mind and so he did. It was very nice too. We ended up moving in together the next day it was like fate had brought us together. When I met him I was pregnant with my first child. He was willing to help me raise him because the babies real dad was not in the picture and didn't want to be. Maybe I am not fully aware but I don't know many guys that will take care of another mans baby. We waited till we were

seven years together to get married. We married on our seven year

anniversary. My mom said have you ever heard of the seven year itch.

I told my mom it doesn't aply to us because we have made it that far.

Well I was Pregnant with my second child when we got married. I felt like a princess in my wedding gown. Now we have 4 children all together and we are still very much in love as the first time we said the words I Love you. eighteen years since the night we first met and there is still no question in my mind he is my soulmate. We have been throught everything together and just like any other couple well we have our ups and downs. We always manage to pull ourselves together when we have an arguement. When you are in love you can make

it through anything. I believe we will be together for the rest of our lives.

Thank you all for reading

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