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The images that you would find easily—either in the working spaces (an office), commercial spaces (a store or a restaurant), or in the private spaces (a living room, dining room, bedroom) in Indonesia—are the framed photographs neatly arranged on the shelves and the walls.

The basic idea behind the display of those pictures is to show the personal histories for other people and more or less as a reminder for the families or for personal interests. And what counted as personal histories here are their identification of themselves or how they relate themselves with other people (which means that if they are able to show the influential people in your photo collection, there will be a guarantee that they will be granted as a respectful person by their colleagues and relatives), and their achievement in their past experiences.

One of my friends told me that the presents given by his parents after their pilgrimage journey in Mecca are the photographs showing them posed with the background of the dessert, Ka'bah, and a group of camels.

I visited my friend's house in Magelang, and saw a photograph of a man wearing the complete Karate uniform. I was spontaneously felt intimidated by that picture. My friend said that the man on the photograph is not his father but the Karate master of his father. I found it is interesting of how the identity of other person entered the other personal space and gave their influence.

Other agency which played an important role to form a particular photography identity (either to be more beautiful, more manly, or more grandeur) is the local photo studios. A photo studio is the playing ground to define the new identities. And it's very easy! You can create your new identities too. You just need to define which role that you want it to be: a musician, a Karate master, a very good student, and not to worry about the truth because nobody in the studio will reconfirm your authenticity. After you heard the sound of 'click', you can display it in wherever you want, and you can say: yeah...that's me!

Ten Tips to create your-own-identity photograph:

1. Decide what you want it to be.

2. Prepare the equipments of your role.

3. Go to your professional photo studio, and make sure they have variety of backdrops (very useful to support our photograph).

4. Ask your friends to accompany you to the studio.

5. Pick the most appropriate backdrops for your photograph.

6. Trust the studio photographer to define your style in front of the camera.

7. Don't forget to keep the receipt. You'll be needed it to pick up your photograph.

8. After picked up the photograph, put it on a suitable frame.

9. Display it on the wall or on top of the table. Just make sure that you display it in the places where people can see it easily.

10. What? You heard other people's admiring or make comments on your photograph? Yeah, just don't be a bigheaded then.

thanks to beloved Nuraini Juliastuti [for translate]

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  • Shane Butler

    Shane Butler gave props (30 Sep 2008):

    these are great

  • ! Mario Scattoloni ¡

    ! Mario Scattoloni ¡ gave props (22 Oct 2008):

    Hilarious moments caught on film. Especially since they all seem so real as personalities we wish & care to create of ourselves. I also love the kitschy quality as well. Great 1´s.


    TARING KELINCI gave props (31 Oct 2008):

    saya suka banget idenya... keren..

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (31 Oct 2009):

    Terrific...! You have my vote :)

  • Baby Virgarose Nurmaya

    Baby Virgarose Nurmaya said (5 Dec 2010):

    for RURU 10th..
    make another identity, maybe with national army or engineer attribute?? or like a king or prince of a palace??
    anyway.. this is brilliant and light up my day^^

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