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Branciforte Red
Boulder Creek Cars
Yellow Bug
Pschedelic Cruzer
Jesus Car
Better Red
Flamer in Castroville
Compact Green Machine
Tequila Starburst
Parrot Town
Sensual Shark

My photographs were shot during a very special time in 2005-2010. During my travels, I discovered many wonderful images opening up before my eyes as I drove the Santa Cruz city and country roads. Using my trusty digital camera, I captured most of these photographs as I found them, with no special manipulation. These specific photographs I am exhibiting are from a much larger collection, featuring compelling images present in the local 'Urban Landscape'. I have continued my quest for the next great photograph that exists just around the corner, and I'll always keep my hands on the wheel and my camera close by.

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  • Simon Kossoff

    Simon Kossoff (Deleted) said (17 Apr 2011):

    Great stuff, my friend.. I'm just making a passing visit through JPG and very happy to see this story of yours.

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