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Shaped Bokehs for the pictorialist way of photography

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Ok, thats how it all began. Since some months or so I try to find some expresison to my photography, that goea beyond rule of thirds this and razor sharp that.

Pictorialism always fascinated me, but: Pictorialism is all about the print, they say, and when you look at some Steichen you will have to agree. Its about shaping the image with soft lenses, but moreover its about: printing. Ok, I'm a digital guy and printing (esp. gumchromate or something) is not in my reach at any estimation. So I google around a bit on this grey, cold and rainy day and one more time stumbled upon:

Shaped Bokehs.

Maybe you already know this kind of trick: Instead of the simple, more or less creamy and circular bokeh your lenses render you get a shape of your choice for the out of focus parts of your image.

Usually, the guys out there will use it for colourful heart bokehs or something. Urgs!

I was on a different trail. I quickly engaged my 50, the next UV-filter I could find, a scissors and some cardboard.

I cutted the cardboard into a circular disc of some 49mm (as that is the filter thread my 50 uses) and cutted in it some shapes. First, a simple X; second a curved S form, third: a simple line.

Putting each of the disc under the filter, screwing it on the 50, focussing somewehre in the near field (2m or so) and pointing onto the trees next door should render the trees out of focus and so impregnate the bokeh discs shape on it.

Its a simple, five minute, DIY hack, but the potential it hides you can easily see in the samples presented here to you.

Good luck, and forget those hello kitty heart shaped bokeh. Do something really weird on it!

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  • Rajeev Jadhav

    Rajeev Jadhav gave props (20 Feb 2011):

    I like your article and photgraphs !!!!!!

  • ajtiM

    ajtiM (Deleted) said (20 Feb 2011):

    excellent work!!

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