Photo Essay

Whats on my desk: The Macro Edition


So...tonight, I was researching macro extensions tubes, lenses, and reverse mounting brackets. All of the costs involved made me slightly nauseated. Instead, to feed my midnight creativity, I just hand held and focused my 35mm f1.8, reversed, against my Nikon D7000 body. I also controlled the aperture manually by sliding the little aperture bracket on the rear of the lens.

All of these shots were about 1/100th of a second, with flash--off-camera--at half power. Most were around f1.8 but its nearly impossible to calculate.

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  • Torontosaurus

    Torontosaurus said (25 Feb 2011):

    This is amazing. Great creativity in solving the money/tech problem. I think there may be some lens-flipping in my future now, too.

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