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What city do you live in? What neighborhood?

Macau. It is along the coast of Southern China, just 40 km west of Hong Kong. I used to live in the peninsula of Macau, however I have recently moved to Taipa, an island connecting to the peninsula by many bridges. I would say that Taipa, is the suburbs of Macau. However so much of my childhood was spent growing up in the same neighborhood, that I still consider Hak Sa Wan, my old neighborhood, my most familiar place in Macau.

What are some adjectives that describe your neighborhood?

It is chaotic, bustling, loud, frantic, tense, loving, familiar.

How long have you lived there, and what brought you there?

I have lived in Macau since I was one and a half years old. My parents job brought them to Macau in the 90's when it was still a backwater and the gambling scene was not the Goliath it is today.

What is your favorite thing about this place? Your least favorite?

Macau is such a unique place. The mix of Portuguese architecture downtown makes you feel like you're in Europe, however you walk just down the street turn the corner, and you see a Chinese temple. It's really a living example of East meets West.

Do you feel that you belong there?

I feel like I belong here. Being surrounded by skyscrapers, and Chinese people make me feel at home. Although I stick out like a sore thumb, especially with my blond hair amongst a sea of black, I feel right when I am walking amongst the people, and buildings of Macau.

What is the most common misconception about where you live?

That Macau is part of China.
Macau is a special case. After being returned to China, from 450 years of Portuguese colonial rule, Macau became a special administrative region. Macau has its own government, police force, etc. There is more freedom of speech, and religion here as well. Macau and Zhuhai (the bordering mainland city) still have borders and immigration that people need to cross.

What is a special fact about your city that you have to live there to know?

Once you live here, you will love it as much as I do.

What aspect of your city do you secretly love?

I secretly love the choas. I love the crowds, and I love the urban jungle that surrounds me.

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