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The Buzz Dance

Hang In There
Blue Buzz
Smells like Chicken
Bee Full
Just some tongue
If I could crawl inside...
Blue Bee
Dive On In
I got one to stay still !!!!

Sitting on my back porch one day I noticed the buzz of bees in the air. Looking over at the red bud trees in my yard I could see the little guys zipping in and around the new spring buds. I decided I had to try and snap some shots. Bee's where on my mental check list of things I wanted to shoot after all. I have seen many macro shots of bees, bugs, and other small creatures. I love the way they look. To get a chance to see something so up close, that you can't see well with the naked eye, I think, is incredibly cool. So I grabbed my Canon SD 1000, and set it on the digital macro settings. Dreaming of owning a DSLR off to the red bud trees I went. It was adventure time.

Moving into the bee's territory, I watched out carefully for each buzzing stinger zipping about. I know I don't have an allergy, because I was stung as a kid. So that worry I could check off, but I remember how painful, and no fun it was. I prayed for no repeat experiences of that. I was pretty nervous standing in front of those trees. Sure that any second one of those flying sting machines was going to make me his last mission. Up I stepped.

As I got close enough to take my first shot, they all took flight and started to zoom up, around, then out of my reach. It startled me a bit, but I was worried about moving away too fast. Silly as it is, I was afraid that if I started to walk away to fast the bees would chase me down. Like those cartoon characters that get chased by a thousand bees and they have to jump into a lake to get away from them. Only I was dealing with maybe thirty, and my imagination. O.k., I told myself, you can do this. Its adventure time remember.

I quickly settled myself, and watched as the first few little yellow and black bodies came whizzing back down. One landed right in front of me, on a vibrant pink bud. I slowly lifted my camera, and buzz, zoom he went. Darn. I looked around and noticed that once again they had all moved up above my head and out of reach. I figured it just wasn't going to be the day I got to add these brilliant fellows to my portfolio.

I stepped away and watched as they all came down, like they where being pulled by a magical string. Matching my moves we looked like we were dancing the hokey pokey.

I take a step in, you take a fly up. I take a step out, you take a fly down. You do the hokey pokey and you buzz your self around...

After the fifth or sixth step they quit the dance, and ignored me. I

stepped up and raised my camera to the closest guy I saw. Snap, I got him. Poop. Blurry, but none had flown away. That was good. I turned to another; slowly I raised my camera once again, snap. Awesome! I got one.

Snap, snap I went, forgetting all my fears. The bees seemed to also. They all went on about their buzzing business. After a while some even appeared to come down to check me out and to pose for a shot. They did though; only seem to let me shoot their butts. Maybe they were telling me something...

After a while I began to wonder what they must have thought of me, getting all in their faces as they went about their daily lives. I could picture them holding little cameras trying to capture me going about my day. I have to say, that thought made me giggle to myself.

Thirty minutes or so into this adventure I heard a new buzz. It was much louder than the buzz my new yellow and black friends had. I looked about for the source and there he was. A shimmery blue, speed freak, he dipped and dived in and out of each flower so fast. I had a hard time getting a good look at him. He soon was joined by a few of his friends. Really just a few, like four or five.

These new fellows got my nerves back up a bit. I didn't know what they were, and I was sure looking hard to see if they had stingers too. Would they play as nice as my new friends? I took a small step back and studied them. It didn't look like they had a stinger, and the two different buzz makers were moving just fine around each other too. They seemed to just be moving in on a meal. Good. I moved back in closer.

Quickly I learned, stinger or not, these blue beauties were definitely more aggressive, and they did not want their picture taken. Each time I raised my hand and started to take a shot, a couple of them would speed towards me and hover just above my camera hand. They would dance, crisscrossing back and forth just the length of my camera. If I pulled back they would zoom away and ignore me. I didn't have to step away; they just didn't want me to hold up the camera. They did this over and over. Up and down my camera went. Funny little things they were. In the end I won, and they let me stay and take my pictures. As fast as they were I was even able to catch a couple shots of them. Well, they let me once I turned off the camera sounds. Seems the little beep noises my camera made was an attack call.

It was a super adventure. I worked with those guys for over two hours. I was surprised I was out there for so long, but I was having so much fun. I even was able to get a shot of a butterfly or maybe it's one of those pretty moths. I forget how to tell, but either way, I'd never had one stay still long enough to take a shot before. It was only one, but I got lucky. It turned out. So the bees were marked off the mental check list, and I had a grand adveture. What a day it was spending the afternoon with the bees.

Thanks for sharing in my adventure.

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  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (9 Oct 2011):

    really nice!!! Robin... Great photo and narration...Vote!!!

  • Carl Kuntze

    Carl Kuntze gave props (10 Apr 2012):

    Amusing article. Good accompanying images.

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