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A night of great light!

Dena Scott 2
Daniel Joseph 6
Daniel Joseph 2
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph 4
Dena Scott 4
Dena and Daniel
Dena Scott 3
this is private (Lynette+Althea Laila)
Lynette 5
Lynette 4

The plan was go visit this photographer/model mixer at Harlem Studio on 5th Avenue. We got there thinking of the amount of models and photographers in attendance. It didnt seem like much when we arrived as there were not many people. My friend Brian (excellent photographer) and his two friends (the beautiful black models in the pictures [Dena Scott and Daniel Joseph]) walked in with the same look of disappointment. However it turned out to be a blessing as it wasn't too crowded and we got to have some time to ourselves with the backdrops and lighting equipment.

Dena Scott, was beautiful and caught all the photographers attention. She had everyones attention and i could do nothing but observe. We took a few shots of Daniel who happens to have a natural ability to look good and got some keepers (there are more than whats posted). Then Dena came back to us and gave our cameras some of her attention. I was able to walk away with some wonderful images of her, also very easy to photograph! There i met Lynette who had a strong look on her face and gorgeous smile. She was happy to lend me her looks for some of the shots and i felt the night was complete. It was after all very productive night and a wonderful experience. Hope you enjoy the images as much as i enjoyed taking them. Kudos to Max from the Studio for organizing the event.

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