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Beach @ Ocean Drive, West Palm Beach-A photo Story

Romantic Moments

I strolled through the ocean Drive yesterday. West Palm Beach is a beautiful city with lot of laid back locale, Water bodies throughout the city and blessed with the amazing weather of coastal south Florida. Rich people, yacht clubs and relaxed atmosphere makes for this beautiful city and a reason why people migrate during harsh winters to this one among famous coastal south Florida cities.

I have been visiting some of the famous places of this beautiful metropolis and this Saturday took time to visit the ocean drive near the downtown. The palm trees on the worth avenue and Flager Avenue are a treat to eyes. As you crossover from the downtown bridge, these gigantic palm trees welcome you in and invite you to drive through. As neatly lined as soldiers on stand-by, the seamless movement through the avenue brings you to a part of the town, which has a very old town feel to it. The architecture and the feel of these buildings is top-notch and its like, you travelling back in time. As you stretch a little further, the road comes to an end and you are greeted with a perpendicular road and skyline making your senses feels that there is something dramatic ahead. This is the famous Ocean Drive! The road sits on the corner of the Seashore with not a huge beach area in between. The Ocean drive is a beautiful stretch and you can drive as long as 10 miles (per my knowledge) along the ocean. There are lots of rich folks around in West Palm Beach and hence sighting open-top Mercs, BMWs and others high end cars would be no wonder. Neat computerized parking meters accept cards and on a good day, finding a parking spot along the ocean drive should not be an issue.

The beach on the other side is a much quiet affair. This beach made me feel that serious fun lovers had left for Miami. The beach side was little unclean with some litter and also may be the high tide last night with lot of wild waterbed plants lying on the shore. Some families were spending quiet time at the beach, playing with kids and soaking in the hot sun drawing towards a pleasant evening. Some couples, making the best of this nice quiet beach and were spending some romantic moments. As I walked along, came across couple of these girls, who were collecting corals and shells from the loads piled on the beach, may be from the tide. As we exchanged smiles, I could feel their joy. Came across this jolly guy, who was at the beach with his family and friends and this huge group was surely making the best of this place. All in all, it ultimately depends on you how you make the best of where you are.

There are no beach guards deployed at this section and I guess, the no of people coming down to this beach is main driver for that. Lot of people, were taking walk along the ocean drive and enjoying the view from there. The sand still whitish, felt inviting but our feet took the beach walk in anticipation of a shack or a stall to catch up some drinks. This turned out to be an adventure finding something along the beach and we ended up walking all through the beach to return a little disappointed. Well, best idea seems to fill up your own ice-box as you head to this place. Most of properties are private properties, making for a beach view hence getting a bottle of water or chilled beer is out of question.

End of the day, spending some time on the beach, with cool breeze beginning to blow, seeing the sea change colors as the sun sneaked past down on our backs was a nicer close to the day. As I walked back towards the ocean drive, packing my gear, and feeling much happier than what I came as, I committed to document this experience and share with you all.

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