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- a work in progress -

It's kind of funny to me that JPG has a new theme open, Mementos. Last month I started a series called Artifacts, documenting items I've never had the heart to discard. Items that are old or broken. Items I don't use anymore except to hold in between my fingers, these precious ruins which bring me back to where I need to be.

A skeleton key belonging to a cupboard which no longer stands in my parents' house, but oh, how it symbolizes my childhood. The key may not open any cupboards anymore, but it opens the place in my memories that I still call home, no matter where I live now.

A broken ring, given to me by a little girl. It broke my heart when it snapped in three little pieces. I can't throw it away, not ever. I'm sure that girl has forgotten me by now, but I'll never forget her.

I'm still working on this series, the stylization and title of which was inspired by the Sy Fy series Warehouse 13, and it's beautiful opening titles.

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