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Muslims Against Crusades protest France's ban on face veils - London

A MAC protestor peeks out from her Niqāb

Anjem Choudry's Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), gathered opposite the French embassy in London to voice their feelings over France's ban on full face veils. The ban came into force today (11th April 2011) in France, the first European country to past such legislation. Anyone in France wearing the Muslim niqab or burqa in public could now face a fine of £133GBP (150 Euros, $216US), or lessons in French citizenship.

The law, passed by president Sarkozy's centre right government in October, has been widely condemned by Muslims residing both in France and abroad, citing an infringement of their religious freedoms. However, the French state prefer a strict separation between church & state and view that stance as essential to maintaining a peaceful & civil society.

During the demonstration I couldn't help but laugh, as just after bemoaning the infringement on their perceived freedoms, the group then go into a "freedom burn in hell" chant.

For a group who are so rabidly anti west, I can't help but notice how many of them wear the latest Nike trainers, and photograph & film the event on their iPhone 4s.

The demonstration carried noisily on for a few hours culminating in the now expected burning of something, this time a French flag.

I sometimes wonder if there isn't a bandwagon MAC won't try to jump on to gain publicity. I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more of Mr Choudry and his god fearing loons before the years out, watch this space.

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