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A year or two back I discovered Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. It takes place the last week of April annually. This year's photo taking process has begun and I didn't notice anything on JPG about it even tho there are many people here who take pinhole photos.

You can join in the fun for free using digital pinholes, film pinholes, cyanotype, etc. It's free, and you can be a complete newbie to the art of pinhole. I was when i started. I still am comparatively new to pinhole, although I recenly discovered the joys of digital pinhole by making a low fi pinfoil by taking the lens off my DSLR and poking a tiny hole in a piece of tin foil which I put inside a lens cap with a hole through it. A pinhole camera or camera obscura can be made of anything that is light tight and film or some other light receiving source.

There are many stories on JPG describing the lensless wonder that is pinhole so I won't remake the wheel, but here are some links to get you started.



Cyanotype Examples:

I'm still learning and developing my own techniques. You can see some of my digital and film pinhole photos here, but I know so much more is possible and I look forward to seeing what the next pinhole will bring! My latest camera is an anamorphic pinhole. We'll see what that turns up!

Happy Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day everybody! Now make those pinholes! (If you've submitted a pinhole to WPPD, please post the link in the comments section)

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  • Sean-Michael Gettys

    Sean-Michael Gettys said (27 Apr 2011):

    Built an experimental pinhole camera today:

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