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Short Day Trip Ideas

Shipyard - Morgan Whaling Ship

A few day trips in the Northeast.

The Glass House - New Canaan, CT: Designed by Philip Johnson, the estate also has a series of other building such as the Brick House, Painting Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, Da Monsta, The Study, Ghost House and Lake Pavilion. The site and galleries also have a small series of modern sculptures and painting. The house and 47-arce site is a Historic Site. The Glass House Visitor Center is located at 199 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT 06804. Reservations are recommended, as group tours are limited to about 13.

Lucy the Elephant – Margate City, NJ: Zoomorphic architecture created by James Lafferty in 1882. Originally designed to attract tourism; the six story building also served a tavern, business, home and restaurant over the years. It's open for public tours.

John Jay Heritage Center - Rye, NY: Former home of New York State founding Founding Father and the first Chef Justice of the Supreme Court. A 23 acre estates includes Greek Revival Mansion, Meadows, European Garden, Public Trails and Van Norden Carriage House. The place is a little run down, but a nice piece of history.

Mystic Seaport - Mystic, CT: The museum of America and the sea. The museum and seaport include a duPont Shipyard, 19th Century Village and Tail Ships & Vessels. The port has many ships and boats, including the Morgan Whaleship, Berry Noank Smack, L.A. Dunton Schooner and Sabing Steamboat. It's a bit touristy but enjoyable.

Kendall Sculpture Garden at Pepsi Headquarters - Purchase, NY: 45 outdoor sculptures with works by Augusta Robin, Henry Moore, Max Ernst and many more. The garden is free to the public and walkway and a few ponds. You can walk the area is less then an hour, but see some wonderful sculptures.

Storm King Art Center - Mountainville, NY: Located in the Hudson Valley this 500 acres sculpture park includes a museum, woodlands, ponds, and a nature park. The outdoor park includes sculptures by Andy Goldworthy, David Smith, Henry Moore and many other artists.

Minute Man National Park - Concord, MA: The park is a memorial to the battlefield, structures and people associated with April 19,1775. The date made famous for Paul Revere's Ride and the first armed conflict between the British and the Colonies. The park provides a detailed overview of the events of day and includes the North Bridge, Old Manse House, Concord Museum, Orchard House, National Heritage Museum and Liberty Ride Trail. The town of Lexington is a few miles away as well.

Old Grist Mill at the Wayside Inn - Sudbury, MA: Built in 1924 the Old Grist Mill is still in operations and produces corn meal and flour, which is used for baked goods at the Inn. It's a water-powered mill with two grinding stone. The Martha-Mary Chapel is across the street. The Wayside Inn is where Longfellow wrote the "Tales of the Wayside Inn".

Elephant Trunk Flee Market - New Milford, CT: Summer Sunday morning; hundreds of dealers selling antiques, books, plants, furniture, glassware, tools, jewelry, toys and what every else they pulled out of the attic.

Governor Trumbull War Office - Lebanon, CT: Formerly store and office where the Jonathan Trumbull ran his business. Trumbull was the only Governor appointed by the King of England to support the Colonist. His store later became the Connecticut Headquarters to defend the Connecticut Colony from the British. It's believed that some 1000 meetings where conducted here from 1775-1783. George Washington, Israel Putnam and Marquis de Lafayette are known to have met with the Governor here.

Seamen's Church Institute, Newport, RI: Often overlooked in downtown Newport retail and commercial seaport is the Seamen's Church. The small painted chapel and library serves fisherman, sailors, boaters and naval personnel.

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