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The Stain Project

Solemn face stain

Stains are everywhere; you can find them on mirrors, glass mugs, old books, old walls, floors and even metals. They are not preferred by most of people since they are considered a sort of dirt or marking smears. People always try to remove those stains by using chemicals or soap sometimes by rubbing the stained object but mostly those fainted stains which seem easy to be removed are not as they seem at all, most of them remain within the object as a part of it which most people do not realize or even care.

You may find this article a little bit weird, may be boring too but I wrote it as a project and called it "the stain project". Simply I find stains beautiful (sometimes), they can make some objects look more like classic, even some people use that stain effect as a way of decoration, when I go to buy used books I enjoy several things such as finding the book as a treasure hunter or getting them cheaper and sometimes I like their old yellow stained papers, it gives that feeling of age and spirit within the words and that the decayed paper edges where once young and clean where the book passed through several hands, minds and spirits which made it full of stains and decaying edges. I know some of you think that this is a pointless flat subject from a null minded person but I think others have felt what I' am trying to say.

When I was a kid at school, we studied a short story about a man who sees faces of different people through the stains of his bedroom wall, I didn't like the story at all, I thought it was pointless and that the writer just wanted to gain the attention of the readers without a clear purpose but don't worry I at least have a purpose within those words of such article.

what really makes stains beautiful or weird (sometimes scary) beside decoration is that you can imagine them, you can see those stains on a wall, mirror or floor as faces or objects, for example you can look at a pale brown stain on a yellowish wall as a sea shell or a human face with several feelings. Scientists may analyze this as a brain or physiological phenomena, others have a very well imagination and some may be truly right for this visual shape they saw without imagination at all.

One day I was standing in the bathroom looking at the mirror, then I realized it became old and full of stains, it has been 11 years since I lived here, I remember the new shiny mirror when I was much younger. I started to look at those stains closely trying to analyze the reason of their appearance in my bathroom mirror, and then I began to notice that some of those stains have certain shapes, others were just stains to me.

At first I thought that may be my imagination was teeming out of my mind causing those images of the stains on the mirror, then with time every time I enter the bathroom, look at the mirror, I realize that those stain shapes didn't change they are still the same unlike the story that I studied when I was kid. I actually liked those stain shapes since they were like art of nature, shapes painted on an old mirror by brown stains without any brush or pencil.

I decided to bring my camera and photo those shape like stains to attach them to such article to know if you see what I see.

I only imagined three shapes from those several stains on my old mirror which I actually took photos of. The first shape which grabbed my attention at first was a closed eyes face, feminine closed eyes which gave me a wisdom solemn feeling, I liked this shape much and from which I searched the corners of the mirror for other shapes.

The second shape I found was a horse head from a side view which was really interesting since I thought at first that this shape was unreal or just from my imagination but it seemed real by time. The third and last shape was a large stain in the middle of the mirror and which looked a lot like a spiral shell which really spoiled my shiny mirror.

Finally I took those images I captured and tried to find actual photos for those shapes (a solemn closed eyes face, a horse head and a spiral shell), then I used Photoshop to merge the actual photos with the stain photos to see if there is true matching.

I was glad to see that I was sane after all, the images were precise and they merged fluently.

I have attached those photos to the article; they are six photos, three for the actual stains on my mirror and three for the merged photos.

The conclusion of such project is to believe your imagination even if others thought you are just a null person, trust your abilities but try to understand them better to improve and use them in a good way; after all we live in a world struggling between reality and imagination.

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