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Shout-Out Portraits

The ShoutOut Project

Two weeks left before we graduate from college and what's the best way to document the fun tiemz? Snap pictures of your friends of course! Easier said than done, I tells ya. Because for one, our whole section is one big happy family of farts having a wee time during breaks and whatnots. Different individuals with different passions and interests, its almost like a menagerie of artists all crammed in a tight litter box.

To add some twist, my friends and I made these dialogue balloons from regular cardboards with a black underside, purchased some white chalk and tape. The idea was to write (or draw! sky's the limit!) anything that describes you or a tagline you want to be remembered by during college. Yearbook style hells yeah..

I think the hardest part was getting everyone to settle down during the photoshoot. But heck it was totally fun to see those bastards having a great time, even though we knew that in a few days we would be going our seperate ways.

There were more photos, but I have to say these are my favorite :)

Good times, good times...


Camera: Holga 120FN

Film: Kodak Tmax iso 100 C-41

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