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The Dying Egret

Dying Egret #1

Nature can be so cruel and sometimes despite our attempts we cannot get in the way of fate. On a rainy Friday night I looked across to our neighbors property and saw this beautiful egret who looked to be in trouble, so I approached it with my camera and found that it seemed to have a broken wing. It was too late to phone the Sarasota Bird Sanctuary Hospital so I had to leave it in the rain because I did not know how to care for it without hurting it.

Saturday morning as soon as I got up I went outside once again with camera in hand to look for my friend, he/she had moved to the other side of our house and his/her wing was badly dis-formed, the bad news it was obvious that the egret was unable to fly, the good news I witnessed it eating. So we phoned the Sarasota Bird Sanctuary Hospital unfortunately no-one replied, so I left a message hoping that they would return my call and we would be able to save the egrets life.

Finally on Sunday the Sarasota Bird Sanctuary Hospital returned my call and I went out into the garden to locate the egret, I searched all over our property to no avail; I told them that I could not find the egret so they asked me to please phone them back if I found the egret. I then phoned my neighbors on either side and one of them told me that they had seen an injured egret on Saturday and had phoned the Sarasota Bird Sanctuary Hospital who had collected the egret and taken it to to their facilities I was delighted to know that it was being looked after.

Imagine my distress when I found my friend floating dead in the creek at the bottom of my garden on Tuesday afternoon.

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7 responses

  • Lynda Jeffers

    Lynda Jeffers gave props (15 May 2011):

    So sad Sonia, I hate it when mother nature is so cruel, but we really should remember just how lucky we are!

  • Sarah Springer

    Sarah Springer (Deleted) gave props (15 May 2011):

    A very sad story. At least you tried. The egrets spirit lives on in this essay

  • charlie mclenahan

    charlie mclenahan said (15 May 2011):

    by recording its end, you have given it immortality, I thank you

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (15 May 2011):

    My vote....had a similar experience years ago, when Jordan & I lived on Madrid Av. Unfortunately the Bird Rescue person never called back. Still have photos; still wish I could have saved the egret.

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (16 May 2011):

    Oh Sonia, what a sad ending. My spirits lifted up when I heard that he had been collected, then dropped again when you saw him reclaimed by the water. Nature sometimes gives us things to think about. You did everything right Sonia. thank you for sharing.

  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham gave props (17 May 2011):

    This is so so sad but yet so common. The rescue centers are so hard to get thru to sometimes and it is so frustrating when you see an animal suffering like this. I am so sorry Sonia. You did a great photo essay. My heart won't let me pull them up and comment but bless you for trying!!

  • John Tanner

    John Tanner said (18 May 2011):

    Such a sad ending but you made a nobel effort and did everything you could.
    As cruel as mother nature can be I somethimes think she knows what's best for her creatures.

    I just read a heartbreaking story about a family of geese near Toledo Ohio.
    It seems a mother goose nested near a post office located on a busy highway.
    The eggs hatched out and the goselings were all healthy and active.

    So active in fact the fear was they might be hit by traffic going in and out of the post office.
    Out of concern for the birds the local humane society came out and managed to collect all of the babies.

    When the parents returned they were seen frantically searching for their offspring.
    A few days later the mother goose was struck and killed on the highway while trying to cross the road to find her young.

    The humane society while trying to do well is taking a lot of heat for moving the babies in the first place.
    For whatever reason the mother goose nested where she did and most say the humane society should have left well enough alone.
    The father goose hasn't been seen since his mate was killed.

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