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I had an interesting dream the other night. I went to an island where, for some reason, the human eye could not detect colors. We could only see in gray shades, black and white. But cameras would record the colors that were actually there.

Of course, we wouldn't know that until we left the island and regained color vision because even looking at the image in our digital cameras, we couldn't see color while on the island.

This led me to consider an interesting experiment, and here is where I need help. I am wondering if anybody makes glasses that "Remove the colors from our sight. Red is grey and yellow white, but we decide which is right. And which is an illusion." (Name that tune)

If so, I would like to get some (if they aren't too expensive), then go someplace I haven't been, put on the glasses and roam around shooting photos, capturing the colors that are there, then comparing them to what I thought I saw. What would this do to our perception?

Sounds like a fun idea for a photo project.

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