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Sierra Nevada Amore

Hot Peak on Cold River

The Pacific ring of fire has given birth to all kinds of mountain ranges from the Southern and Japanese Alps to the Pacific Coast ranges of the American Cordillera that starts with the Alaska Range and ends with the Terra del Fuego. To make the ring, the Southern Ocean has the Mountains of the Graham Land on the Antarctic Peninsula. From photography of art perspective, what range would make the best photogenic material over all these ranges? Certainly beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we probably could do better with a young Sophia Lorenz than an old Phyllis Diller. Don't get me wrong, Phyllis Diller could be very colorful. But let us concede that many mountains are either too shy to come out very often, or are just plain or a plain Jane. Denali in Alaska can be fantastic if you can catch her, but great shots are limited to a few angles and Ansel Adams already got the best one. Cordillera de los Andes' own Patagonia can be shy also and developments at key viewing sites do not help. So what Mountain range has the extroverted Sophia Loren look and feel? Hands down it has to the High Sierra Nevada Mountains. To see them is to fall in love. I call this the High Sierra Amore feeling. Sure her sister to the North and other sister to the East are nice and very photogenic, but they at best are part of Sophia's court and not the queen. From her foot hills to her very crown she is perfect. True Ansel Adams took pictures of Mt Reiner and the Rocky Mountains, but all the girls look great in a beauty contest, but only one wins. Ansel and Galin Rowell spent most of their time with Sophia, these others were nice, but adornment on Anna Maria, Sophia's sister, just doesn't show as nice as Sophia in her character. The Canadian Rockies are great, but just like in Europe where the older the lady, the longer the Mink coat, the natural forms are covered up with great white material.

Now I can hear the arguments from up North, East, and South, each ready to defend the honor of their beloved mountains. Starting with accusations of - who made you the judge, to - you have never seen what I have seen. But I intend to make them mute, silent, speechless. To bite their tongue and hold their breath. To groan that they cannot rebut my argument. To see Sophia is queen over all mountain ranges in the world. Sierra Nevada's have Yosemite. Ha, take that. The Rockies don't have it, sorry my fellow photographers, but the Grand Canyon is just too far away, even with its Little Colorado river it isn't in the Rockies. Terra del Fuego has great valleys and water works well there for shots, but compared to Yosemite valley. I would spend time there, but not have the High Sierra Amore and respect for Sophia. Supporting actress Oscar only for Terra del Feugo. I will caution you, Sophia has many suitors and you can wind up only wanting her pictures on the wall. Higher Sierra Amore can cure Rocky Mountain High, Olympia Jubilee, and Andes Heart Song. And if you can't get to her often enough, it can lead to depression. Need I say more.

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    Michaela K. gave props (25 May 2011):

    my vote

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    Saroj Swain gave props (7 Sep 2012):

    OUTSTANDING!!!my vote

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    Hell YEAH! Rad!

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    James Wiley gave props (21 Dec 2012):

    What an outstanding collection of landscapes Bruce!

  • Kelly Nichols

    Kelly Nichols gave props (14 Jun 2013):

    Breathtaking photographs. I believe you've won the argument with those photos.

  • Deborah King

    Deborah King said (12 Sep 2014):

    yes yes, my vote too.

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