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Putting Ink to Paper!

What's your profession? Please describe it.

I am in management in the commercial magazine printing industry. I supervise the press crews who actually run the massive printing presses that turn 3,000lb rolls of blank paper into beautiful magazines such as JPG. It's a great industry and a great experience going to work every day and watching something beautiful being created out of nothing.

Where do you do this?

Currently, I am employed with a firm in Hanover, New Hampshire. I have worked for other firms in New Hampshire as well as firms in North Carolina, Tennessee and Massachusetts.

Do you enjoy what you do?

I LOVE what I do!!! When you think about it, the printed word impacts literally every facet of life on this planet. From the books and magazines you read, the clothes you wear, the food packages you purchase, the manufacturer labels on the parts of your car...EVERYTHING gets printed in some manner or another. Also, the opportunity I was given early in my career to become an expert in color and light has helped me to visualize the world around me in ways I never saw before. Most people could easily get bored hearing about things like CIE94 and deltaE and L*a*b* values and PMS colors and all the various tools and education I utilize everyday in my field but I absolutely love it!

When you were young, what did you want to "be" when you grew up?

Ha! When I was in my teens, everybody knew (and, I mean KNEW) that I was going to be a country singer. That was the only goal I had in life....

Do you feel stuck doing what you are doing?

Never! I fell into the industry by accident in my late teens but I would never go back.

What are the most and least satisfying parts of your job?

The most satisfying part of being in management is having the opportunity to develop employees who demonstrate talent and commitment to success in life.
My least favorite part of management is not being able to get out and actually operate the equipment anymore; I miss that!

How do you combine photography with your job?

I don't, really. But I sure do see "high-dollar" photography in "high-dollar" magazines come through our door that I would have charged the "photographer" money just for the privilege of having us print! Don't get me wrong - I see great photos every day. But I also see a lot of crap and it's unfortunate. By crap, I mean out-of-focus, riddled with ISO noise, etc. Sometimes, their vision is interesting but the technique is lacking....And, just to be clear, I'm talking about very high-dollar magazines that have the resources to afford quality work - not Mom and Pop publishing outfits. Unfortunately, publishers are becoming just as cost-cutting as regular consumers when it comes to photography and the art of creating a quality magazine is dying as a result.

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