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Chaos for harmony

Big Blue Marble
Tiny drop big ripple effect - small step for a man giant leap for mankind
Gushing water resonate with a day long rhythmical drip - Storm in a Teacup - Tempest in a Teapot
Water drop in a bucketful
Smoke on the water Deep purple forming colliding merging deforming & amplified
Deep blue sea patterns in water bucket
Liquid ripple harmony resonating light fractals in a vessel, sustainable evolution / tradition
Beehive of Shakti drip chaos in a bucket

My guesthouse room faucet is leaking. I noted the owner 2 weeks ago but nothing happened. Water is practically free for him as he has 3 bore wells under his lot. Yesterday, before I left for the day to pondicherry with my friend, I placed a bucket under the faucet. "loose water are used for everything here as there are no laundry machines, dishwashers or even toilet flushing systems.

After midnight I arrived back to my room. As I entered the bathroom, my eyes fell on the hypnotizing motion of the now filled up bucket.

There was something uncommon in the way a drop fell every 5 seconds yet the bucketful mass of water was gushing as high seas.

I was reminded of my physics studies and what my father taught me about resonance. If you drive on a bumpy road in a specific speed, the car suspension and any loose part will increase their rattle and hum continuously, with no limit. The same thing is a famous story f a bridge collapsing in one war during the paced march of a battalion over it, due to increasing resonance deformations.

The bucket, after a day long of building up it resonance had amplified all harmonies (the smaller, usually unnoticeable waves ) of water motion into prominent formations. It was a dance of curvy shapes and water peaks dense surface.

I grabbed my camera, tried to capture this with a long exposure or flash but both failed to show the beauty.

Then I remembered the flashlight I got from Navin, the electric shop owner in Sindhudurg as my farewell gift. I pointed the light rays at various angles and then the first amazingly intricate and deep layered photo came up on my screen.

So that's what happens when given the time for repetitions to buildup, interact, morph and merge into a rhythm, pattern. With no brutal external force. No one spilling the water (genocide), no one puncturing the bucket (conquer), no one opening a jet of water (over- wealth, resource abuse). Yes, some droplets escaped upon clash of a drop onto the water surface, over flow created a continuous stream over the bucket edge, some wind coming from the window may have created some ripples and maybe some soft vibration to the building out of residents activities or even minor seismic movements. But all of those were a moderate and continuous and didn't overpower the drop tempo and force to an extent of diminishing he buildup rather it all blended in ad eventually marginalized by the persistent characteristics of the drip.

Draw the equivalents to a human society and it's evolution of a sustainable tradition. Without genocides, colonization by foreigners or man-made inflicted environmental disasters (Atomic, over consumption & industrialization, biological pollution: GMO, epidemics, chemical synthesis of all products) or the overpowering outcome of behaviors, driven by mental imbalance of people living in distressed urban environments.

Avoiding these a culture can develop and near a wholesome synchronized patterns, e.g harmonies. The sum of all inputs by minorities and subcultures within it.

More about where I am on: My India: Where every village is home - Experience !.



Storm in a teacup - or - Tempest in a teapot

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