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Water Scarcity

One tubewell & many containers

Globally, the water problem is getting worse as cities and populations grow, and the needs for water increase in agriculture, industry and households

This fact file highlights the health consequences of water scarcity, its impact on daily life and how it could impede international development. In the reality we face scarcity of water which is nature's most essential element now becoming dangerously scarce. A freshwater crisis has already begun that threatens to leave much of the world dry in the next 20 years, without enough water for a minimum of life.

Global population has tripled in the past 70 years while water use has grown six fold due to industrial development, widespread irrigation, and lack of conservation. If, as expected, the number of people on earth increases by more than a third, to more than 8 billion, by 2025, 40 percent more water will be needed.

At the same time our resources are limited and the supply of freshwater is theoretically always the same, in reality it's diminishing. The natural course of rivers, streams, and lakes has been compromised by centuries of damming, diversion, sprawl, and industrial pollution.

Nearly 2.2 billion people in more than 62 countries, one-third of the world's population, are starved for water. The worst conditions are in places like Haiti, Gambia, and Cambodia, where residents subsist on an average of fewer than six liters per day. In some part of Southern India the situation is worse.

The photographs shown in this photo essay is taken from Belgaum, Karnataka, India. People from far comes with their container for collecting drinking water and every time there is a heavy competition for getting water at the water source.

How we respond to today's water crisis will determine whether we actually know how to survive or only know how to misuse a resource on which survival depends.

We all JPG family member stand by the common problem we face, for the scarcity of the essential commodity and think before use in our day to day life.

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    A poignant true story. Congratulations and thank you for bringing these shots to us and reminding us of what it's like to be the lucky ones.

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