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Carlo and Mina, they met in September 2010.

Mina small cat found in the street, she had a couple of months, she had a strong conjunctivitis, prepared and adopted, has become an Aristocats.

Carlo, of six or seven months, occurred after just outside our door ...

So after a while a love is born between the two.

Become cats in an apartment, they spent their days licking cuddle and play.

March 17, 2011 Mina gave birth to four beautiful kittens:

Nicola, Zita, and Zeno Bart.

Unfortunately, Carlo became ill in April and is due to kidney failure died on day 12.

Express the pain that I felt that day, is © not.

I felt like dying inside.

I tried to do everything we can.

But the hospital clinical care, the best vets who have tried everything possible. Has not worked!

It was so shocking and sad that I decided to keep all his heirs.

Today my kittens are 5 months and each one in its own way to inherited something of his dad!

Mina is always sweet and caring .. and I'm happy to have this wonderful family with me!

Life, birth, death ....

everything has been and is always so intense.

The emotions that can give these little creatures, are immense.

Spend time with them, watch them grow, feel their love is the greatest gift that heaven has given me!

I must admit that it is not easy to share an apartment with 5 cats,

But it is really worth!

Despite their dirty and destroy all that are around,

despite the huge expenditure on food and toiletries, despite the night-time awakenings involved with their games, waking up in the morning between purring and cuddling is priceless, to feel important and unique for them, is priceless!

Taking care of them and in return, have all their love, unconditional love is priceless!

Therefore I am a cat lady! proud of it!

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