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Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made

When the flower blooms....... for Sir Richard Knight
If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings
Nature's tears
Purple lily
First rain....
For JPG friends!!
Bloom of hope
Flower may fall, but thorns remain
Prayers for Dave.....with optimism
Birthday wish for Susan Littlefield
Rare and delicate beauty for Regenia

We all love flowers because of its colour and fragrance. The flowers when in full blooming condition attract all the animals and birds in a different way. We the human beings love the flowers and use it in many day to day occasion, either it is happy or sad. We offer this with love and respect to our God, who has created this whole earth, where flowers are blooming with rainbow of colours.

A flower, sometimes known as a bloom, the reproductive structure found in flowering plants. The biological function of a flower is to effect reproduction, usually by providing a mechanism for the union of gametes. Flowers contain sporangia and are the site where gametophytes develop. Flowers give rise to fruit and seeds. Many flowers have evolved to be attractive to animals, so as to cause them to be vectors for the transfer of pollen. In addition to facilitating the reproduction of flowering plants, flowers have long been admired and used by humans to beautify their environment, but also as objects of romance, ritual, religion, medicine and as a source of food.

I would have to say the flowers are my life and I love them so much because of the varied colours. When I was in college, me and my family members planted many seasonal flowering plants. We used to provide water during morning and evening hours and people used to visit our garden. Gradually when we shifted to Cuttack, we had no garden space. We made a roof top garden and planted lot of flowering plants. I should say here, my father is now maintaining the rooftop garden as a great hobby and love for the plants. Everyday a part of flowers are being used for worshiping our God.

The flowers I am showing here are mostly from our rooftop garden and I must give credit to my family members especially to my father Sashi Bhusan Swain.

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  • je suis moi

    je suis moi gave props (31 Oct 2012):

    voted What a wonderful collection of beautiful flowers. Well done Friend..


    ROCIO GUILLEN gave props (31 Oct 2012):

    Beautiful story Saroj! Voted, of course.

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