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Benefits of keeping aquarium

Aquarium fish by Nature God!!!
Fishing for compliments
Fish for wealth!!
Indian Rasbora!!!
My lovely Gara....
When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain
Queen of India
living Jewel.............
Loving pets
I want to live..

Living room decoration

It certainly decorates our living room if any aquarium is displayed naturally with colourful fishes called the living jewels. We teach our children about the nature by showing the planted aquarium. Other pet animals may create some sound and spoil sometimes our peace and harmony but fishes are considered as soundless creature and maintain silence.

Health Benefits of Aquarium Fish Keeping

If you have a stressful life, high blood pressure, insomnia, keeping an aquarium may be good therapy for you. Studies reveals during late 80's have shown that spending time in front of an aquarium with colourful fishes certainly reduces stress and subsequently lowers blood pressure.

No Doubt, They Make a Difference

It has been seen that watching aquarium fishes reduces blood pressure. Interestingly enough, greater reduction in blood pressure occurred when there were fish in the tank, vs pleasingly decorated. Even watching a video film on various colourful fishes has been proven to have therapeutic effects.

Multitude of Benefits

Senior citizen, who were provided with an aquarium filled with fish had significant blood pressure reduction besides old age timepass.Watching fish has been shown to calm children who suffer from hyperactivity disorder. Dental patients who were subjected to hypnosis vs. an aquarium experienced the same or greater benefit from the aquarium. Other studies have shown that dental patients required less pain medication after having watched fish in the office. It's little wonder that physician offices, dental clinics, and even waiting rooms for counselors have traditionally kept an aquarium in the waiting room.

Effect of Aquarium Keeping on Alzheimer's

Studies has shown that senior citizens who have Alzheimer's disease a variety of health benefits from watching an aquarium. Alzheimer patients ate more, and required fewer supplements after an aquarium was placed in the dining room. They also exhibited less physically aggressive behaviors.

Take advantage of the stress-relieving benefits of aquarium fish whenever, and wherever you can!! I hope you will like to have a aquarium in your house!!

If you buy a fish you can save a family, who are the real producer of ornamental fishes in the rural areas!!! The producers are really poor. Lets help them through buying a fish.

If You want to know more about it. Please contact me!!!

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  • Patty Gross

    Patty Gross (Deleted) gave props (28 Aug 2011):

    What an outstanding suggestion, Saroj! There are many health benefits to be derived from watching the fish swim slowly about the aquarium. The information you have provided us is very useful, and in this busy, hectic, and sometimes cruel world in which we live an aquarium would provide a much needed break from the daily pressures of life. Thank you for sharing this story and all the valuable information with us!!

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (29 Aug 2011):

    Thank you patty!!! Is the title is ok or needs change!!!

  • Prasanna Kumar Biswal

    Prasanna Kumar Biswal gave props (4 Sep 2011):

    Really it refreshes ones mind by watching the beutiful creation of God.Excellent suggestion .

  • Niharika Sanyal

    Niharika Sanyal gave props (22 Sep 2011):

    excellent aquarium photographs, nice and bright! A very nice photo essay!

  • Debbie Smartt

    Debbie Smartt gave props (28 Sep 2011):

    You know that I love this as you do! I do buy the fish. Love the story and the photos my friend.

  • je suis moi

    je suis moi   gave props (4 Oct 2011):

    Wonderful work. I voted.

  • Saroj Swain

    Saroj Swain gave props (4 Oct 2011):

    Oh my dear Gloria... Thanks for nomination....

  • Lauren

    Lauren gave props (10 Oct 2011):

    Very informative! I learned alot and love the colorful photos!

  • Jaakko Saari

    Jaakko Saari said (25 Feb 2012):

    It's beautifully written story. I think so too. Fish are live, and seeing them swimming has always been somehow special thing for human. There's a lot of symbolism in the colorful fish too.

  • Jaakko Saari

    Jaakko Saari gave props (25 Feb 2012):


  • Michele Wambaugh

    Michele Wambaugh (Deleted) said (8 Aug 2012):

    Wonderful story & joyful images! TY for sharing, Saroj!

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