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How I Got My Camera

Fading Memory

In July 2007, my bank accidentally deposited $54,000 into my account. I found that out when I went to check my balance. I just ignored it, knowing it was a mistake. Then I forgot about it.

However, when I checked my balance again in October, it was still there. I really, really, really wanted a digital camera, and had been for a long time. Preferably a DSLR. I have an old Pentax K-1000 that I used to use a lot, back in the day, but I could no longer afford film and processing for it anymore. And I could never even dream of affording a DSLR on my disability income. So the tempting allure of large sum of money in my account grew too much. I decided to borrow $900 out of it to purchase a Canon EOS 400D.

When I got home, I immediately called the bank's 1-800 number to tell them that they must have accidentally put a LOT of money into my account. They laughed... apparently they thought I was joking. I was insistent, and they told me to call my branch on the following Monday. So I did. The young lady I spoke to also seemed to be very flippant about what I was telling her. She said she would pass it onto the manager, and they would get back to me.

The next thing I knew, I received an email notifying me that I must immediately report to my bank manager to discuss a very serious matter. When I got to the bank, I was informed that I was a thief and would be prosecuted unless I paid back the money I had spent. I told them I had every intention of reimbursing them. And I did.

I paid them $100 a month out of my disability money until my debt was cleared.

That is the story of how I came to have my camera :-D

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  • Vin Weathermon

    Vin Weathermon   gave props (5 Sep 2011):

    Good for you. I think they could have "given" you that camera...and it would have taken lots of their money to avoid doing so.

  • Toby Morrison

    Toby Morrison   gave props (15 Sep 2011):

    ha, that is crazy! Thanks for sharing. wow

  • Dorothy Menosky

    Dorothy Menosky gave props (3 Nov 2011):

    It was meant to be.

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