Photo Essay

Surprise! Common Lizard Eats Rare Gecko

Damn! Lawn needs mowed again. Wow! look at that; it's one of those tiny striped geckos i only see about once per year here! My camera's only a few steps away in my car -maybe i can get a good shot of him. i know they're really skittish and the light isn't good, so i gotta be real slow and careful. Oh yeah! hold still little gecko. Ok good, just a couple more shots. What's this? That big common lizard looks like he's thinking about eating my gecko! Oh of life and all that...Maybe i'll get some good shots of this. Dang! that was a fast attack! Now he appears to be holding the gecko's head until it dies. Look at that! he's going to swallow it head first just like a snake. There it goes... So, i wonder if lizards slow down like snakes after eating? Nope! There he goes -fast, fat and happy!

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