Photo Essay

A room with a view

A rainy day

Idea of representing the same subject in different moods or same objects across various times of day, seasons, and types of weather has already been exploited. Chicago is the home of one of the most notable series of artistic work that demonstrate thematic use of repetition to show differences in perception. The Art Institute houses six of the twenty-five Monet's haystack pieces.

I keep taking numerous photos of the view from my bedroom. It is a cityscape that does not change so frequently to warrant making hundreds of images in a relatively short span of time. Yet every time I sneak a peak, it looks differently. Moreover, it has an immediate influence on my mood. Unlike Monet who planned his series very carefully, my approach was more subconscious and amateurish. At the time I have made those photos, I did not think of any artistic creation or studious series of images. I just wanted to capture something in that cityscape that attracted my attention: shadows, horizon line, clouds, lights. And by writing this essay I wanted to document how I felt at that moment.

I clearly remember taking a photo I selected as a main one for this essay. It was an early July morning and I have expected a bright and sunny start of day. When I lifted the shades, I felt as if I found myself at the end of dreary autumn day. Yet, I liked the image that looked like a watercolor painted on my window and that little street light shining through the heavy rain drops. I was so glad I was inside. I had the same feeling one winter day while snow has hidden the lake.

The first of the additional photos was also taken early. The light falling on the highrises just lifted my spirits and, this time, instead of the street light there was a sun ray getting through the buildings.

A few photos in this series have as a backdrop a particularly stormy sky. Observing developing storms evoked the verses by Wislawa Szymborska:

"I'd have to be really quick

to describe clouds -

a split second's enough

for them to start being something else."

Another rainy day. Completely grey sky, a few drops of rain on the window. But then a bright line of hope on the horizon. Once again I was in a splendid mood.

And finally - sunset. It is time for a peaceful night.

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