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Flatiron Building NYC

Flatiron Building NYC from Madison Square Park

The Flatiron Building, located in the triangle formed by the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street, is an icon. Photographed by Steichen and Steiglitz, it still attracts photographers looking for that new angle.

From certain angles, the building can look quite foreboding and even frightening. From other angles, it is incredibly graceful and symmetrical. A great photographic subject.

Recently, Broadway has been partially converted to a pedestrian mall, so there are tables and chairs on the Broadway side north and south of 23rd Street. Madison Square Park is just across the street (with the Shake Shack restaurant in the park), so the area is very lively.

The building itself dates to 1902, and has had a succession of owners. It is a designated landmark building, and the rumor is the new owners plan to convert it from an office building to a luxury hotel. Time (and the economy) will tell.

Addendum: Here is something I learned from a PBS show about the building: the location at the intersection of Broadway, 23rd Street, and 5th Avenue created an artificial "wind tunnel" (for lack of a better way to put it). Standing near the building now, the strong wind is still evident. Back in the day, "gentlemen" of uncertain repute would hang out around the building waiting for the wind to blow ladies' skirts up, getting a glimpse of leg, undergarments, and whatever. 23 skidoo was the term used by police to get the voyeurs to move along.

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