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Madrid August 2011 Demonstrations

Madrid August 2011 Demonstrations 2

As you know I went to Madrid this summer and was there while demonstrations were going on daily. Our hotel was right in the middle of the demonstrations and we were first prevented from returning to our hotel and then almost did not leave Spain on our scheduled date because of them. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to shoot captures through my hotel window as we were unable to open it. I have included a few out of focus photos for this story to iterate the fact that our governments seem to be out of focus and touch with their populations needs and demands these days.

I was interested in seeing that the police had cameras too and were taking photos of the demonstrators.

The people who were demonstrating were dedicated to their causes and were orderly, some even smiling as you will see, calm, but firm in their convictions and voices. I was very pleased to have been able to witness a peaceful demonstration with no violence at all.

I hope that governments throughout the world start listening to their people!

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4 responses

  • Judy and Wayne Wanamaker

    Judy and Wayne Wanamaker gave props (28 Sep 2011):

    Great news story, and wonderful photos. The world is indeed in turmoil.

  • Regenia Brabham

    Regenia Brabham gave props (28 Sep 2011):

    The world is in a mess Sonia but these people gathered to bring about change in a positive peaceful way. This gives me hope. A great photo essay.

  • Donald Garrett

    Donald Garrett gave props (29 Sep 2011):

    I agree with both! Excellent story, Sonia.

  • Suzanne McGeady

    Suzanne McGeady said (29 Sep 2011):

    I couldn't agree more with you Sonia! Well done.

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