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Mansfield Training School: URBEX

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For more than a few years, I have been living around and exploring within the former mental facility/asylum called Mansfield Training School. Built around 1917, it was a facility for the mentally impaired which finally was closed in 1993 after allegations of abuse as well as due to budget cuts. The grounds have many buildings that are closed to the public but many an explorer have ventured into over the years since its closing.

Recently, Paranormal Witness had an episode on SYFY recently called "The Mansfield Mansion" which from the start kinda made me step back because I live very close to Mansfield CT. I started to watch the show on youtube this morning and the first thing I see is a house that looks a lot like Mansfield Training Center's architecture. Sure enough, they look at this house and mention a sign for Mansfield Training School inside the decayed and dirty old house.

Yes, indeed, they tried to rent or sell some of the buildings at Mansfield to live in! This was 1994 about a year after they closed the place. I have done a lot of UE there and have had a couple strange experiences in different buildings over the years...But nothing like this.

Paranormal Witness SE01 EP04 Mansfield Mansion

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Turns out the superintendent's house is up the street and something I used to pass almost daily. After seeing the show, much debate has come up over the allegations therein about rape and murder as well as bones and cremains being found on the premises. To date, no one has independently confirmed or denied the claims with actual evidence. Personally though for me, its not about ghosts as such, but the ghosts of what once was.

Urban exploration is a calling for many and to additionally photograph decay and show its entrancing side has always been a challenge. In the case of MTS, the place is full of history, including the original records that were left by the workers there. Patient records, X-rays and other things are all open and accessible. Journals of patient data as well tell a tale of lives once lived in this place.

These along with photos become a memento mori for these sites...

More can be found in my new collection located here:



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  • bob ford

    bob ford said (3 Oct 2011):

    scott where in mansfield is the mansion?i live in manfield cant seem to find it....the mansion isnt on bonemill rd is it?

  • Scot Terban

    Scot Terban   said (3 Oct 2011):

    Rt 32

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