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Of Mist and Trees

Reaching Trees

Maybe it is due to having grown up only a few feet from an expansive Northwest Pacific forest, on the very edge of Vancouver's metropolis. Trees might have been wedged into my subconscious somewhere between building forts with maple branches and nervously trying smoking under arching firs. Or maybe they inserted their importance directly as I impaled myself semi-regularly while mountain biking.

The result, though, is fairly clear. When settling into a new city I often search out the peripheral areas, trying to connect with nature on some level. At home, an unhealthy proportion of weekends are spent camping in wet tents.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that in photography, the symbol of a tree has become important for me. If I can I often amplify the impact with darkness or mist.

Sometimes it happens belligerently: Metling Trees happened because I couldn't avoid the mist setting while riding my bike home from the bar. The next two hours were spent gradually getting sober and wet, staring at trees in the darkness.

4 on 6th was shot one November morning at 4 am, and resulted in one of my favorite prints. I then managed to somehow erase the digital file, leaving only a faded 8x10 print. Almost exactly a year later I was being dropped off after late night celebrations, near the same spot. The mist was the same. The car was the same. The light was the same. I captured it again, almost to the pixel.

Trees don't explicitly seem very exciting. But somehow they keep drawing me in, time and again.

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  • faisal ramadhan

    faisal ramadhan gave props (7 Nov 2008):

    wow very uniques and beautiful pictures

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