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Canon Powershot G9 Still Kicks ASA

Mailboxes near Vineyard

The G9 is a compact camera going on five years old. The manual features are controlled with a few buttons on the back. It works with EOS flash, etc. has a hotshoe along with its built-in flash. It doesn't shoot HD video (but does shoot clips up to 1024 x 768 @ 15fps if I need them.) It has a 12 megapixel sensor, and is kind of noisy above 400 ISO, with focal length range of 35mm to 210mm equivalent. It makes RAW and jpeg files up to 4000 x 2248 pixels. It has a bunch of typical automatic features and scene modes, but I like manual 80% of the time. The viewfinder in the back is how I focus. It can be a little frustrating at times because it isn't as fast as my dslr, but it is about 9 pounds lighter.

I particularly enjoy the macro, with the neutral density filter on the exposure. You have much control when you combine that with adjusting the flash out put manually. This lens system produces awesome sharp macros, with unreal detail. You add the remote flash capability and you have a super cool fine art photo rig, or a copy rig for reproducing art work.

I've even got an Ikelite housing & strobe setup that I use when I scuba.

It would take a lot for me to give up my G9. The successor G12 sells for about what I can sell my G9 for today on e-bay, around $450. The newer version seems chintzy by comparison, although I'm sure the reduced weight and some of the features would be great. I just have to wonder...why trade up if it surprises me with beautiful pictures every time I use it? I mean seriously, look at the variety of photographs from one little box....


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3 responses

  • Stacey Emiliou

    Stacey Emiliou said (1 Nov 2011):

    I have the newer G12- still a great camera. Beautiful pics

  • Claire Crocker

    Claire Crocker gave props (6 Nov 2011):

    Nice to see that it's the photographer, not the camera, that makes a shot great!

  • Vin Weathermon

    Vin Weathermon said (3 Oct 2012):

    Update: I finally caved in and sold my precious G9 even after paying $170 for repairs...I was selling my diving camera housing and it matched the housing :-( Oh was a long and fruitful relationship!!!

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